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Benefits of Walking Tractors
  • Large torque reserve and small turning radius than ordinary tractors.
  • They are gear only. No belts or chains ensuring best guarantee of reliability and durability.
  • Can be used for ploughing,rotary tilling, rotally fielding,trenching,sowing, transportation etc.
  • Can be used as a driving force for fixed operations e.g. irrigation system.
  • Have been designed with adjustable, ergonomic handlebars with hydraulic power steering for easier operator handlin.
  • Machine's weight is over the tiller so the operator does not have to press down on the handlebar so hard to keep the tiller in the ground..

About Walking Tractors in Kenya

We are your experts in walking tractors. Since we stared our company, we have become the preferred supplier of quality walking tractor brands. This has been fueled by our commitment to providing exemplary quality backed by great customer support and related spares and accessories. This is in our mission to ensure that small holder farmers in the country enhance their productivity using machinery.

Our commitment is your success: we have been providing farmers with walking tractors for several years now and our commitment is to seeing them grow and succeed. This commitment has not changed and is the reason why most of our clients recommend our services to their friends and family. Our walking tractors are versatile, fuel efficient and affordable. We continue helping our clients with advice and helping them source original spares for their tractors when they need to do some repairs. We also stock accessories like attachments to enhance versatility of the walking tractors.

As a leader in supply of walking tractors, our reputation has been built on our ability to deliver products of the highest quality from the top manufacturers. We intend to continue cooperating with the best brands in the market to deliver these products to you at the best prices and on time every day.

**** Primo Italia Walking Tractor Specifications ****

Fuel Type: Diesel
Horse Power: 16HP
Accessories: 2 Disc Ploughs, 2 Tillers,  iron wheels, 1 Ditcher/Furrow Opener
Starting Option: Electric Key Start and Manual Hand Pull
Fuel Tank Capacity: 5.5 Litres
Fuel Consumption: 5 to 7 Litres Per Acre
Working Efficiency: 2 to 3 Hours Per Acre
Transmission Mode: Full Gear Transmission
Weight: 125kgs
Price - Ksh 195,000/=

10hp Walking Tractor - Ksh 165,000/=

Other Walking Tractors [Heavy Duty]

18hp Walking Tractor - Ksh 365,000/=

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Choosing The Best

Walking Tractors in Kenya

Many small scale farmers in Kenya would like to have tractors working on their farms. However, the price of large tractors is beyond their reach. Tractors are adored by many because of they make tilling, harvesting, carrying produce, spraying crops and other difficult tasks in the farm a breeze. However, walking tractors are the new solution for farmers that want to make work easier without paying the price of full tractors.

The walking tractor price in Kenya is way more affordable and within the reach of many small scale farmers in the country. What's more, the walking tractors are designed to work just like the big tractors so you enjoy the versatility of a full tractor without paying the price. With walk behind tractors, you can work as much as needed without requiring to hire so many people or waiting for too long if you are working alone. Walking tractors are fast and efficient.

Why should you consider buying a walking tractor?

Powerful – one walking tractor can do the job of three big bulls. Farmers now do not have to hire tilling bulls or depend on hired farm labor that can be unreliable. With the power of reliable diesel engine, a farmer can now till large pieces of land in just one day.

Efficiency – unlike the big machines that can be expensive to run, walking tractors are highly efficient. Tilling one acre of land requires only about 5 liters of diesel or less. This means more savings for the farmer because of the reduced input costs. Hiring farm laborers or bulls to till one acre of land will cost more than three times what it will cost using a walking tractor.

Maintenance is super easy – unlike a full tractor that would require skilled mechanics to do the maintenance, walking tractors are super easy to maintain. You will only be required to check the tire pressure regularly. Also, ensure that the oil, fuel and water levels are topped up as required. The walking tractor should also be cleaned regularly to ensure that there is no dirt buildup especially on the engine.

Versatility – one of the biggest advantages many farmers enjoy is the versatility of walking tractors. They come with different attachments for different soil cutting styles. With a walking tractor you can achieve the finest soil till you want or go as deep as you need depending on the crop you want to plant. A trolley can also be attached and the walking tractor used to pull the harvest or inputs.

That is not all, there are some models that come equipped with a chaff cutter and they can also be used to pump water. This reduces the need to invest in many equipment saving the farmer a lot of money. Most small scale farmers who are starting out and have not made a lot of investment in any machine will save a lot of money by investing in a walking tractor. Plus, the walking tractor price in Kenya is highly affordable.

Ease of operation – if you have never used a walking tractor before you might imagine that it is a complex machine requiring special skills to operate. On the contrary, walking tractors are super simple machines to use. They have adjustable handle bars used to push the tractor forward as the user walks behind – more like lawnmowers are used. On the handle bars are simple levers for brakes and adjustment of the attachments.

For farmers that need to work early in the morning or late in the evening, the walking tractors come with headlights for visibility.

They work in any season – well when it comes to preparing land nothing gets people down like the weather. When it is too hot you get too tired and thirsty in the first couple of hours. If it is rainy, even standing out in the rain leave along tiling the land is a problem for many. If you wait until the soil is wet, tiling becomes three times harder as the soil is heavier. It never seems like a good time to till the land. But now you have a solution. With a walking tractor you never have to worry about the weather outside. The tractor works fine under any weather or soil conditions so you can get through an acre of land quick and easy.

A walking tractor is a worthwhile investment for any small scale farmer in the country. If you are in the market for one of these, then you should consider using our services. We are experienced suppliers of the best quality walking tractors in the country. Plus, we have the best prices for our products. Browse our site to learn more about the models we stock.