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What is a walking tractor?

A walking tractor also known as a walk-behind tractor is a compact two wheeled version of a full four wheel tractor. They are versatile just like the full tractors and can be used for a wide range of operations on the farm including tilling, sowing and hauling produce.

Why buy a walking tractor?

Most small scale farmers have found out that investing in the walking tractor as their main piece of motorized equipment is an investment that pays off. The tractor is super simple to use, easy to maintain, powerful, efficient, versatile and durable. It makes work on the farm quick and easy. Within a short duration the walking tractor you will have recouped the amount invested. It is a given return on investment.

How much land can I work with a walking tractor?

Many farmers want to know how much the walking tractor can do for them before investing. The walking tractor is a machine just like any other and therefore it doesn't tire. However, for demanding activities like tilling you can work the tractor for about 3-4 acres before you give it some rest. For sowing and other lighter activities, you can work up to 15 acres at a go.

How much power do I need?

The walking tractors come with different power capabilities and speed settings. The more power that is packed into the tractor, the more you expect to pay. With more power, the walking tractor can of course do more for you. There are also those with two or three working speeds. This means you are able to adjust the speed of the tractor, when the going gets tough for you. A tractor with 10HP will suffice.