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How it Works

The walking tractor is one of those inventions that amazes many people. It is a simple yet very versatile and important farm machine for any small holder farmer to invest in. Many farmers want to enjoy the convenience of tilling land with a tractor. However, the high price of tractors is beyond the reach of many such farmers.

Comes, the walking tractor. It is a compact two wheeled tractor that works just in the same way that a full tractor does. The walking tractor has a power take off (PTO) that attaches the desired farming implement on the tractor. Once, the PTO is engaged, the tractor starts to either till land or sow or perform the action the implement attached is suited for.

The PTO is powered and operated independently of the rest of the tractor. This means that the tractor runs normally (on running mode) to perform other functions such as cutting chaff, hauling produce on a trolley or pumping water without engaging the PTO.

Most tractors can attach implements on the front and rear of the tractor. The handle bars can be reversed fully so that the implements can be operated from the front or the rear as desired. This is ideal for situations where the tires should not run over the area that has been worked on.

We are here for all your walking tractor needs in Kenya. We are experienced suppliers with a wide portfolio of quality walking tractors imported from beyond our country. We only stock tractors that have been tested and seen to perform exceptionally locally. Of importance, we ensure that the tractors are fuel efficient. This means that with your investment, you end up saving more money on input so more profit ends up in your pocket.

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